Saturday, August 11, 2012

Okay, today I am going to focus on what I CAN do instead of what I cannot do.  I am going to focus on joy rather than cynicism, celerating the possibilities offered in life, and not the "negative".  Many would challenge that making the positive and negative simplicity is too narrow, but this is my choice for today.  Sometimes I see that my studying has brought on more confusion than just taking a more simple approach.
Yesterday, I spoke to a gentleman who unfortunately decided to try LSD potent drugs at a very early age.  Now, at 55 he is so full of psychology that there probably isn't any way to unravel it all.  My only conclusion today is to simplify your life.  Make it simple.  Keep it simple.  There's just too much bull shit out there.
It is the very early morning of August 11th, 2012.  It occurs to me that I have a choice to make this morning.  I can choose joy or I can choose to splatter my brilliant opservations about the conditions that surround me.  Maybe my frustrations are fueled by being peppered by the most abrasive political campaign techniques I have ever witnessed.  Maybe I'm a little cantankerous because I was reminded of the 17 Trillion Dollar debt we have as a nation...AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL.  I personally have had to file bankruptcy 3 times during my launch into the "business world".  I now know why this happened exactly the way it did.
You see, young people, the tendency of most folks in the business world is to get whatever YOU have at any cost.  They don't care what the end result to you is...their goal is to GET YOUR MONEY.  It is still this way, and in my lifetime this will never change.  And you wonder why the world is in the pickle it is in?  There is something built into the human beings I refer to here that justifies their need to go to any length to GET WHAT YOU HAVE, no matter how little you do have, they will do amazing things to grab it.
Actually, in the Internet market, as it has grown into a monster of predictable size itself, one of the key expressions is..."GRAB IT!"  I might interject here that I first experienced the "Internet" in 1990, when it was still quite an academic materpiece of open communication for those who actually had credentials and integrity.  Yes, I was one of those who began using the Internet for marketing purposes through Newsgroups...a rare breed for sure.
Fast forward to August 11, 2012...wait, I have to answer the house phone.  Oh, ya, it was one of those online degree mills interested in my future.  It will only cost me 70,000 dollars in student loans.  And yes!  I would be a real hero if I went back and got any additional degree at age 66!  I would set an example for millions!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Enough is Enough!

I do hope I don't begin sounding like a sour grapes kind of a person.  But, I can't not write about what I see.
It's kinda difficult to get warmed up to what I really want to say here, but the levels of frustration I live with every day I'm sure will encourage me to do what I have to do.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

I think the main reason why I am blogging today is that I feel like screaming.  The reason I feel like screaming is because I let the uncontrollable situation that my country is in overload my better judgement.  Some might say that because of my tendency towards consuming beverages that cause an eventual headache, I was on a path anyway, so all it took was a little something to lean me in that direction.  I take opposition to this narrow thought process.  Yes, I have a headache, and yes, I'll have to stay away from that brew for enough time to feel better, but the issues that caused me to fall over still exist.  So, I am not going to take it personally.  Sometimes people get to a point in their lives that they feel like getting drunk.  Getting a bit of a buzz is different than burying one's self in the junk.  I got a little drunk, now I am ready to not do it least not today because it feels so bad!
Now, back to the question that I woke up with.  Do I have what it takes to be a writer?  I guess I won't exactly have the answer to that question unless I actually write something.  And further, if I wrote something, what would I want to write about?  The level of my personal frustration is sometimes overwhelming.  But, what am I so frustrated about?  My position in life?  It just appears like I ought to adjust to the exact situation I am in, and not keep thinking I ought to be in a different situation.  Sometimes, I just do not want to think about it.  Is this normal?  Further, what is normal for a 65 year old man (coming quickly up on 66)?  I really think that there is no "normal" in this marketplace.  None of the values that I thought I had seem to count anymore, so what can be expected of one like me who has to grope for the very foundations of his own history?
Sometimes I notice how much of what I have done over the years is now irrelevant.  

Sunday, June 3, 2012

A sampling of America today. Happy, diverse, related, excited, community, belief. I don't know why I put this picture up here, other than the fact that the two on the right are my one and only daughter, standing next to my Grandson Chase Morgan. From what I can see, Chase is the brightest light in our genepool. He is a gentle spirited lad who excels in everything he does. He is destined towards fame and fortune. I think the reason I am so concerned about him these days is that he needs to be protected from the darkness that exists. Watching him grow into a fine young lad is one of the highlights of my whole existence. Ought I just pray for him? Or, ought I DO something to keep him from harm. These are perplexing questions, considering my own quandaries, and the observations that flow from my fingers. Allow me to elaborate. I still wake up in the middle of the night questioning whether or not there are opposing forces at work. Good and evil, strong and weak, Light and darkness.  You know the deal.  He is such a pure spirit, and I don't want the world and it's horrors to infiltrate the cleanliness of this little boy's obvious shining destiny. So, this is my

Saturday, April 28, 2012

April 28th, 2012  I just have to wonder how many other people think the way I do.  I am wondering how all the intricacies of the way my life has unfolded have come together to produce the current state of affairs.  Part of me wants to just keep going, but another whisper says, "You really ought to look at all of this!"
Over the past 65 years, I have been exposed to so much input that I seem to have the need to come up with some kind of conclusion.  I just lost a very dear friend yesterday to cancer, at age 62.  She just found out she had stage II cancer in several organs last October 22nd.  She was truly a fascinating and wonderful person, and remained inquisitive about all of life's questions and mysteries, much like myself.  I have now lost a sister-in-law to cancer, at age 56, a daughter-in-law at age 43, so I have some questions about all of that.  My own brother took his own life at age 57, 2 months after he lost his beautiful wife Lynne to the ravages of that disease.
Wow.  What a way to start a new blog, huh.  I am just sayin that I've got some stuff in my head that needs to be reworked.  I do believe that we can totally change to direction of our lives, just by changing the way we think.  Almost everyone has heard or been exposed to the laws of attraction, and further, we all know that our thoughts create our actions and sculpt our lives.  I have been dancing with this information all of my life.  Now, when I honestly look back, searching for patterns, I am left with too many questions to solve all at once.

Monday, April 23, 2012