Saturday, April 28, 2012

April 28th, 2012  I just have to wonder how many other people think the way I do.  I am wondering how all the intricacies of the way my life has unfolded have come together to produce the current state of affairs.  Part of me wants to just keep going, but another whisper says, "You really ought to look at all of this!"
Over the past 65 years, I have been exposed to so much input that I seem to have the need to come up with some kind of conclusion.  I just lost a very dear friend yesterday to cancer, at age 62.  She just found out she had stage II cancer in several organs last October 22nd.  She was truly a fascinating and wonderful person, and remained inquisitive about all of life's questions and mysteries, much like myself.  I have now lost a sister-in-law to cancer, at age 56, a daughter-in-law at age 43, so I have some questions about all of that.  My own brother took his own life at age 57, 2 months after he lost his beautiful wife Lynne to the ravages of that disease.
Wow.  What a way to start a new blog, huh.  I am just sayin that I've got some stuff in my head that needs to be reworked.  I do believe that we can totally change to direction of our lives, just by changing the way we think.  Almost everyone has heard or been exposed to the laws of attraction, and further, we all know that our thoughts create our actions and sculpt our lives.  I have been dancing with this information all of my life.  Now, when I honestly look back, searching for patterns, I am left with too many questions to solve all at once.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Getting used to blogging...

this only a sample blog post to get the bugs out of the system...

Just One Thought

My God, I just read over the previous babblings and have to wonder who wrote those words.