Saturday, August 11, 2012

Okay, today I am going to focus on what I CAN do instead of what I cannot do.  I am going to focus on joy rather than cynicism, celerating the possibilities offered in life, and not the "negative".  Many would challenge that making the positive and negative simplicity is too narrow, but this is my choice for today.  Sometimes I see that my studying has brought on more confusion than just taking a more simple approach.
Yesterday, I spoke to a gentleman who unfortunately decided to try LSD potent drugs at a very early age.  Now, at 55 he is so full of psychology that there probably isn't any way to unravel it all.  My only conclusion today is to simplify your life.  Make it simple.  Keep it simple.  There's just too much bull shit out there.
It is the very early morning of August 11th, 2012.  It occurs to me that I have a choice to make this morning.  I can choose joy or I can choose to splatter my brilliant opservations about the conditions that surround me.  Maybe my frustrations are fueled by being peppered by the most abrasive political campaign techniques I have ever witnessed.  Maybe I'm a little cantankerous because I was reminded of the 17 Trillion Dollar debt we have as a nation...AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL.  I personally have had to file bankruptcy 3 times during my launch into the "business world".  I now know why this happened exactly the way it did.
You see, young people, the tendency of most folks in the business world is to get whatever YOU have at any cost.  They don't care what the end result to you is...their goal is to GET YOUR MONEY.  It is still this way, and in my lifetime this will never change.  And you wonder why the world is in the pickle it is in?  There is something built into the human beings I refer to here that justifies their need to go to any length to GET WHAT YOU HAVE, no matter how little you do have, they will do amazing things to grab it.
Actually, in the Internet market, as it has grown into a monster of predictable size itself, one of the key expressions is..."GRAB IT!"  I might interject here that I first experienced the "Internet" in 1990, when it was still quite an academic materpiece of open communication for those who actually had credentials and integrity.  Yes, I was one of those who began using the Internet for marketing purposes through Newsgroups...a rare breed for sure.
Fast forward to August 11, 2012...wait, I have to answer the house phone.  Oh, ya, it was one of those online degree mills interested in my future.  It will only cost me 70,000 dollars in student loans.  And yes!  I would be a real hero if I went back and got any additional degree at age 66!  I would set an example for millions!